AMFI-Registered Mutual Fund Distributor

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Company Profile

We as a company, are well experienced & Professionally managed in Mutual fund distribution & other financial services. We are AMFI (Association of Mutual Funds in India) registered Mutual fund Distributor since 2006. We are also well experienced & Professionally managed in Life Insurance, Mediclaim All Companies (Health Insurance), Mutual Funds (All Companies SINCE 1995), Stock Broking (since 1992), Fixed Deposit (HDFC LTD) and General Insurance (All Companies).

Ajay Lakdawala Enterprise offers a wide range of services, Products and solutions to investors for their Saving, Investment and Insurance needs to help them meet their financial Goals, Family Financial Planning, Wealth and Legacy Creation for family's future.

We help clients to plan their all-financial needs including Child education financial planning, Child Marriage expenses planning, Own retirement planning and financial planning for various medical and other contingencies.

Mission / Vision

Our Motto is to Secure our Society’s all Family against Uncertainty, Casualty Loss, Accidental Losses And freedom from financial crisis. There fore our mission “Powering to Our Client’s financial goals'' expresses the gist of why we exist.

“Powering” Means — through our knowledge, Experience, insight and skills, through investor awareness programs, technology platforms and various means of delivering the aspects and tools of financial security...