AMFI-Registered Mutual Fund Distributor

Ajay Lakdawala Enterprise

(Family Financial Doctor)

We as a company, are well experienced & Professionally managed in Mutual fund distribution & other financial services. We are AMFI (Association of Mutual Funds in India) registered Mutual fund Distributor since 2006. We are also well experienced & Professionally managed in Life Insurance, Mediclaim All Companies (Health Insurance), Mutual Funds (All Companies SINCE 1995), Stock Broking (since 1992), Fixed Deposit (HDFC LTD) and General Insurance (All Companies).

Our Service & Products

Insurance Planning

The insurer agrees to pay the insured a certain sum of money either on the happening or the non-happening of a certain event.

Investment Planning

Everyone needs to save in rainy days for non-rainy days. Rain harvesting and savings have this common principle

Retirement Planning

Retirement plans are a definitive way of ensuring that your current lifestyle is maintained years after you stop working.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are a type of certified managed combined investment scheme that gathers money from many investors to buy securities.

Life Insurance

As the name suggests, Life Insurance India secures your life from financial losses, which occurred due to the unexpected

Health Insurance

A health insurance plan that covers critical illness means you can insure yourself against the risk of serious illness in much the same way


Financial goals are the priorities and targets you set for how you want to spend and save your money. They aren't one size fits all, because everyone has different priorities. However, if you don't set your financial goals, you'll probably be left wondering where all your money went. Importance of Setting Goals.